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tavrosichooseyougo asked:

I noticed you have a WE (i think?) G18c. I'm planing on getting one myself. Could you tell me about how it performs. If im wrong, what pistol is that there?

It is a we 26c advance I took out the compositor and put in a new
Inner and outer barrel to make it compact it performs great but it has a high chance of breaking mine breaks all the time I’m always trying to figure out what has gone wrong with it I would honestly suggest getting any KWA side arm they are just purely amazing

Ok so basically don’t let me drink and let me convince my friends that getting shot by my m-4 is painless


So this is going out to all so cal airsoft players I am going to tac city south tomorrow at 5pm if anyone would like to join I’m only saying this because the airsoft community needs more love and more players should be getting to know each other and make friends I can’t tell you how many awesome people I have met through airsofting and I hope the same for everyone that plays


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